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  • But, I love them anyway... "The whole purpose of places like Starbucks is for people with no decision-making ability whatsoever to make six decisions just to buy one cup of coffee. Short, tall, light, dark, caf, decaf, low-fat, non-fat, etc. So people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing or who on earth they are can, for only $2.95, get not just a cup of coffee but an absolutely defining sense of self: Tall. Decaf. Cappuccino." - from the movie, You've Got Mail

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January 08, 2009



I LOVE that you are so happy. It really makes my heart feel good.

I can't wait to meet E, hopefully in June. And if not, you come anyway. Okay?

Good luck with the final all does get forgotten. And the day is magical. And I'd still live it over and over again. Just that feeling of everyone you love around you, loving you both and wishing you happiness...those moments are with me 9 and half years later. Ah. Happy sigh for you!


Awesome fortune in the cookie.


It's like childbirth, you only remember the good parts. It will all be worth it, (this coming from your most cynical of friends)


Actually, it's a good life lesson . . . it's a wonderful production that is, at times, drudgery or difficult . . . but keeping sight of the ultimate goal and expending that extra effort towards *some* of the little things will help ensure that it is ultimately one fantastic event!

Renee Shlachter

Congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding. All the best to the two of you.
Renee Shlachter ( we met at the Crafter's Workshop a zillion years ago).

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